Euro Bangla Group is a progressive and forward thinking organization dedicated to the pursuit of global growth opportunities. With the experience in the relevant business fields, we have grown the expertise in forging partnerships to improve performance and building strong innovative business.

Starting its journey in 1985, Euro Bangla Group had set up its business in Bangladesh primarily with a view to contribute to the technology based Export and Import sectors. Euro Bangla Group now continues to expand in the different sectors of greater national interest and thus playing a vital role in the country’s economy. Each activity we perform benefits and adds value to the common wealth of the society. We firmly believe in that and thus are accountable to our valued principals, buyers, our customers, employees and ultimately to the nation.

Diversification is the buzzword of today’s contemporary world of business. We were no exception, in the process of diversification ‘Euro Bangla Associates’ started the business of supplying military hardware/equipment to Bangladesh Defense Force from 2012. Though we are relatively new in this business yet, with our dedication, sincerity and hard work we could successfully establish excellent rapport with Bangladesh Armed Forces.